The Michigan Garfields

as prepared by Terry Lee Garfield and James Steven Garfield Sr.

Sometime around the spring of 1836, Horace W. Garfield (1810-1863) came to Jackson
Michigan from New Hampshire. Born in 1810 to parents Josiah (1762-1851) and Polly
Ball, Horace arrived in Michigan before it's entry into statehood, taking advantage of a
Federal land grant offer and began farming. He married Sarah Fellows in New
Hampshire prior to arriving in Jackson. Together, Horace and Sarah had five children;
Susan, William, Daniel, Franklin and Mary. Unfortunately, Mary died after just six
months of life, Susan lived four years, and Franklin only eight years. William (1848-19?)
and Daniel (1852-1908) both married and continued to farm in the Jackson area. Daniel
married Sarah Shear and together they had four children; Cora(?-?), George
(1877-1954), Lydia (1882-?) and James (1887-1917) James was married to Nellie Vedder
and our great grandfather George Garfield married Lillian Bonnet. Together they had five
children; Horace Allen (1903-1982) Vern 1905-?) Evelyn (1907- ) Harley (1908-1974)
Earl (1914-current) George was a boilermaker at Jackson prison and also had a large
apple orchard. Horace A. Garfield married our grandmother Ida Ireta Ellsworth
(1907-1984) in 1927 while living in Jackson, and shortly thereafter moved to Clio
Michigan. He was a plumber and a farmer. After several years of marriage, Horace and
Ida divorced. Horace remarried in 1960, and continued in the Clio area until the time of
his death. Horace and Ida had two children; Horace George (1928-1997) and Robert
Jerry(1931-current) Horace George married Jean Elizabeth Stevens in 1949 and
together they had three children; Terry Lee (1949-current) James Steven (1950-current)
and Gloria Jean (1952-current). Horace George and Jean divorced in 1953. He
remarried in 1959 to Laura Ward Hawley. Horace was a plumber/pipefitter early in his
life and became a blacksmith after moving to the Hillman/Atlanta area in northern
Michigan in the late 1950's. He owned and operated Garfield's Forge in Comins
Michigan for about ten years prior to his death in 1997. Terry Lee lives in Grand Blanc
Mi. and his three children Marc, Scott and Sara all continue to live in the Flint/Grand
Blanc area. James Steven Garfield Sr. lives in Davison Mi. with his wife Vicki. His
three children James Jr., Gabriel Richard, and Melissa Lourina Garfield (Adams)
also live in the Flint/Davison area. Gloria Jean Garfield (Wolgast) lived in Alpena for
many years, and has recently returned to the Flint area with her husband Richard and her
daughter, Melanie Jean Church. Her son, Steven James Church lives in the Alpena
Mi. area. Horace A. Garfield's nephew LuVerne moved to Spring Lake near Grand
Rapids Mi. where he continues to live with his wife Mary. They have a daughter,
Kathrine Garfield who lives near her parents. Robert Jerry is retired and lives with his
wife Nora in Birch Run Mi. His two children, Kimberly and Eric live nearby with their
families. Earl who is widowed, lives in the Atlanta/Hillman area and is the oldest of the
remaining Jackson based Garfields. There are no other known surviving members of the
original Horace W. Garfield's line living in Michigan.